Zhongshan Guanzhen Furniture Co., Ltd.

Advantages of custom furniture:

1. custom furniture can satisfy different consumers' individual needs for furniture. In the past, people's minds have not been emancipated, and most of the housing units are square, and modern consumer thinking has changed greatly, and more and more housing units, traditional furniture is incompetent, you can customize furniture.

2. Customized furniture business helps businesses to reduce inventory backlog, as long as the customer orders customized, no warehouse is needed after the production, or just a short period of storage will be sent to the ordered customer's home, and the traditional finished furniture needs to occupy a lot of warehouse storage space, to the merchant to create a certain inventory. Pressure and capital squeeze.

3. Customized furniture pays more attention to the brand effect, but compared with traditional finished furniture, customized furniture relies less on the brand effect, but pay more attention to the quality of furniture. Traditional furniture sales in modern society, more rely on a variety of advertising to enhance the brand effect, which to a certain extent increases the operating costs of manufacturers.

4. The business promotion of customized furniture is also conducive to accelerating the development of products, fully according to the actual needs of consumers to create the most appropriate furniture for customers, so that it can be directly absorbed into the most fashionable design elements, consumers will never feel outdated.

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