Crown Zhen furniture --- film law family project cooperation case
Date: 2016-06-28
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Cooperation case of family planning project

1: According to the customer's market positioning, highlight the image of natural elements, rich in a strong sense of nature, giving a strong visual impact. Highlight the atmosphere, comfort and freshness.

2, shape and disseminate the image of a unified, distinctive brand personality.

3. Considering the feasibility of fabrication technology, mature technology and technology should be used to ensure the safety, reliability and stability of layout.

4. The layout should be reasonable, the moving line should be smooth, transparent but not clear at a glance, and the needs of the flow-oriented and cluster-footed tours should be fully considered.

Color matching of Guan Zhen furniture

Color: In order to create and disseminate a unified image, rich brand personality, choose the brand VI color throughout the exhibition hall, choose a reasonable primary and secondary color matching proportion and shape to reflect the international visual effect.




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