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Online shopping furniture and building materials: saving money or taking risks?
Date: 2015-03-23 12:00:55

Save money, save energy and save time online shopping has become the choice of many people when decorating. At the same time, the quality is difficult to identify, and after sale disputes are also accompanied by other problems. Is it saving money or taking risks? Online shopping furniture and building materials also need consumers to be cautious.

Spring is the most suitable season for decoration in a year, many consumers have begun to rush around to choose building materials furniture. Save money, save energy and save time online shopping has become the choice of many people when decorating. At the same time, the quality is difficult to identify, and after sale disputes are also accompanied by other problems. Is it saving money or taking risks? Online shopping furniture and building materials also need consumers to be cautious.

Save money and save energy, online shopping materials and furniture are popular.

"Installation of a handband in the physical store is 20 yuan, only 34 yuan on line, even if the installation fee is less than 10 yuan." Mr. Hu, who lives in South Second Ring Road, is busy repairing the new house recently.

Saving money and labor is the first factor for Mr. Hu to choose online shopping. "The key is that there are many styles to choose from online, and there is more room for choice than physical stores." Not only that, some shops can also provide customized services, customized according to the size required by consumers. Some stores also offer customized designs, and consumers can decide on their own styles, colors, and paint methods, which are processed by online stores on the basis of drawings.

It is precisely because of these "advantages", and Mr. Hu, now more and more young people will be home decoration "position" to the Internet, and even some young people will be the whole home decoration handled by the website. Reporters search on Taobao, many sales of furniture and building materials shop sales are very impressive. In a well-known "Lin's Wood" shop in the furniture industry, a bed costs about 2,000 yuan, with a monthly sales volume of nearly 200 pieces. On the "Double 11" day last year, a professional furniture online store had sales of 330 million yuan that day, ranking fourth in sales of the day's cats.

After sale disputes, multiple return procedures are complicated and costly.

Behind the growing popularity of online sales of furniture and building materials is a growing number of complaints and after-sale disputes.  Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Consumer Association that there were 178 complaints of building materials and 122 complaints of furniture received by the Municipal Consumer Association last year. The number of complaints changed little from the previous year. However, there is an increasing trend of disputes arising from the purchase of building materials through the Internet.

At the end of last year, Mr. Li, who lives in the eastern suburbs, bought three or four pieces of furniture, such as TV cabinets, tea tables and side cabinets, for his new home in a shop through the Internet. When Mr. Li picked up the goods, he found that several furniture corners appeared wearing and bumping. Mr. Li immediately contacted the seller to return the goods. After agreeing to return half of the freight, Mr. Li asked the goods to send the goods back to the seller. When the goods are returned, the sellers refuse to accept them. The reason is that the goods are missing two pieces in the mail, and there has been a big bump. As a result, the buyers and sellers were deadlocked, indicating they were unwilling to accept the goods. So, Mr. Li found the city Consumer Association, hoping to help solve it. The CPAA contacted Taobao's after-sales platform, and eventually both sides assumed half the cost of the loss of the goods.  Although Mr. Li returned the rest of the goods, he lost nearly 1000 yuan in postage and lost the goods.

Compared with short-distance transportation and door-to-door installation in physical stores, large pieces of furniture and building materials are prone to problems in long-distance transportation and disputes in after-sales service. In addition, most of the furniture products are delivered as "semi-finished products", in addition to some big sellers throughout the country to provide after-sales service and installation services, most of the products in online stores need to be installed by the buyer himself or consumers find someone to install, which will not only incur costs, but also if there are problems in the installation, and It will become the "source" of disputes between the two sides. Although many online stores now claim that within seven days or a month, if the product has problems, unconditional refund and exchange, but because of cumbersome procedures, round-trip transport costs and other issues, many consumers said that "small problems can not be changed, too troublesome."

Quality is difficult to protect, lack of professional ability or no complaints.

Mr. Chen, who lives in the southern suburb of purple County in Changan, recently bought a wardrobe on the Internet. The price is less than half that of the physical store, and the seller claims that his furniture is environmentally friendly and of no quality problem. But when he bought home, Mr. Chen found that the cabinet was very heavy and it didn't work for a long time. "The room in the wardrobe is not afraid to live in people, it really buys itself a source of pollution." Mr. Chen said. The seller did not admit that it was his product problem, and Mr. Chen could not produce any evidence to prove that the other party had a problem with the product, so he had to admit that he was unlucky.

Unlike ordinary products, the quality of many furniture and building materials is directly related to the health of consumers. Therefore, the quality of network furniture and building materials is also the most worrying thing for consumers. Some online merchants mostly rely on low prices to attract consumers, so in the case of low prices, it is possible to appear in order to impersonate the good, to fake the real situation. In addition, major e-commerce platforms do not have the ability to sample products, can only mediate consumer complaints, and consumers themselves do not have the professional ability to judge product quality, such as furniture, wood flooring formaldehyde content is beyond the standard, ceramic tile radioactivity, lamps and lanterns safety, and so on, these require professional interests. Identification with professional equipment. When purchasing, consumers can only choose products with instructions or quality inspection reports provided by sellers.

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