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Smart home: "human nature" is the key
Date: 2014-08-28 11:55:23

 The year 2014, known as the first year of smart home, saw many products move from concept to reality. This year, many big companies made it clear they wanted to enter the field, such as Apple, Google, and millet at home. Although these companies are somewhat different in status, they all have one thing in common, that is, there must be "mobile phones" in the product line, but there are several good sales of mobile phone companies, more or less will have a relationship with smart home. But as things stand, smart home is still conceptual and Bill Gates'home, and even Google's $3.2 billion acquisition of an Intelligence Enhancer failed to make a qualitative leap.

In fact, relying solely on today's technology, ordinary people can outline the prospects of smart home, let alone, we have experienced some embryonic products, but the smart home promotion problem is "how to make smart home and human seamless links", in fact, this is a very large project, not only need. Long-term technology precipitation, but also wait for family members to change the concept, otherwise, "gold nest, silver nest, as their own dog's nest" concept will always hinder the development of smart home.

Family is the most basic organizational unit of society, and the best time of mankind is spent in the family. Therefore, if the smart home wants to be used commercially, it must be based on the premise of "improving human happiness", so that consumers can coexist with "smart home" in a way of enjoyment, rather than spending energy on learning "how to use it". Admittedly, everyone's needs for life vary greatly, but the pursuit of comfort, convenience and security in family life is basically the same. Technology companies may make the perfect smart home platform, but this is not necessarily what ordinary people need most. For companies involved in smart home, instead of talking about empty platform strategy, it is better to actively dig deep into the field of segmentation, in fact, no one likes to make their homes look completely different, what we need is just a little bit of improvement!

Smart appliances, advanced accessories for mobile phones

In fact, the concept of smart home appeared very early, but has been limited by the PC era technology shortboard, that is, the past smart home products are built around the PC, they need to use physical networking to connect the computer and home products together, in this context, the actual application scenario is very limited. And it looks ridiculous. Can you really tolerate a room of Internet cable?

With the development of the mobile internet, smart home and its accessories ushered in another development opportunity, just as functional mobile phones liberated mankind from the "phone line" shackles, the emergence of the mobile Internet also completely liberated smart home products, in fact, they are essentially like smart hands The machine's advanced accessories are the same. In some smart home exhibitions, merchants usually try to build and share a common center based on a mobile phone, and then embed smart modules in household appliances, furniture, security management and control systems. That is, the most basic control center of smart home in the future is a platform based on smart phones, for example, mentioned above. To Bill Gates's bathtub, in fact, when smart appliances are popular, ordinary consumers can send messages to their bathtubs and kitchens after work, telling them to prepare their own bathtubs, and security monitoring will become one of the most popular products of the future, and by that time, home monitoring Or will become a standard decoration, consumers can also use the way to brush the room information to ensure their property safety, and even to monitor the activities of the elderly, children.

Undoubtedly, smart home will once again revolutionize mobile phones, and the mobile bandwidth, chip capacity and software App industry will make significant progress. In addition, the Internet of Things will benefit from the development of smart home. The built-in chips will make every appliance in the home smart. In addition, the application of sensors will greatly enrich the control means of smart home. A complete overturn of the human concept of family life, these do not necessarily make people happy, but certainly make people comfortable!

Intelligent furniture has great potential

In many areas of smart home segmentation, in addition to smart appliances, smart furniture is also a very potential area, in fact, the quality of furniture directly determines the taste of the family, and it also requires the combination of traditional technology and modern technology. For example, China's local tyrants are now choosing to live in regardless of which country, but to see which dynasty, to these people to make intelligent furniture can not only consider the elements of modern science and technology, the same need to pay attention to culture, art, system and so on.

When it comes to home furnishings, there will always be a little cultural and artistic flavor. When it comes to public furniture in China, we should also consider the living area. Generally speaking, the average housing area that the ordinary post-80s can afford is about 90 square meters. Because there are more only children in this generation and the house price is extremely high, it is very possible to live in a snail with their parents. Under this background, it is very necessary to plan the floor area of furniture reasonably, especially for the furnishings. Put it. Multifunctional furniture, for example, would be more popular than simple sofas, chairs, and tables. Traditional craft could design sofas into beds, or


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