Investment in flooring enterprises



In recent years, the industry has developed rapidly, and many enterprises have been investing and expanding the market continuously. Flooring industry because of its low threshold of entry, making investment continues to be hot, but the current flooring industry, many brands, excess capacity, industry profit margins continue to decline, investors hesitate to join. Faced with the increasingly difficult investment situation, floor enterprises need to constantly improve and breakthrough in order to better development.

At present, in the floor industry, because the floor product transportation is relatively simple, making the floor enterprise investment zone is not very limited. After years of development in China, most of the flooring enterprises with slight strength have terminal sales outlets all over the country. On the one hand, flooring agents want to join an influential brand, on the other hand, they want to get the regional agency. And the fact is, in the second-tier cities, all kinds of flooring brands are everywhere, in the third and fourth-tier cities are also big brands, only in the county-level market or township due to the strength of agents or local consumption level is not high, mainly small regional brands. But at present, the general agent system is implemented in the flooring industry, if the county market or township as an agent, most agents may take goods from the local general agent, which further reduces the profit margin of the flooring industry.

Flooring industry in the development process has been constantly changing, due to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry, many flooring enterprises are forced to the immediate interests, and constantly use the "price war" to seize the market, in the long run no substantial breakthrough, it is difficult to have a good development. At present, the flooring industry, the various enterprises joining the policy is very different, many enterprises are eager to achieve, in the process of attracting investment to focus on finding a product dealer, the result is twice the effort, not only difficult to move dealers to join, but also let the market challenges into a dilemma. As a well-known brand, enterprises need to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, in the process of brand investment promotion should be strengthened, and vigorously support the county and township distributors. And as a regional brand should grasp the advantages of the brand, do a good job in a specific region of brand publicity, promotion, and constantly improve the floor products, in the region to create a good reputation.

In recent years, the development of the real estate industry has been cold, the development prospects of the building materials industry has been questioned, which makes many agents who originally wanted to challenge more cautious and prudent before joining. Flooring enterprises need to strengthen the brand franchise advantage, in order to ease the industry investment difficulties. The flooring industry still has prospects for development. With the consumer's pursuit of health, environmental protection and comfort, the wood flooring industry still has advantages to explore. Flooring enterprises need to actively improve and constantly break through to create more distinctive products in order to make the industry's prospects wider.

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