Furniture industry is heading for diversification and new development.



Recently, through visiting the 34th Guangzhou International Furniture Fair, the 32nd Dongguan Famous Furniture Fair, the 20th China (Shanghai) International Furniture Fair, the 28th Dragon Family Fair and the 18th Asian International Furniture Materials Fair, the reporter found that the seemingly calm market, but pregnant with a greater change in furniture production at this stage. The industry is moving towards cooperation and integration and new development of channel diversification.

Autumn exhibition focus shift exhibition pattern will change

The reshuffle of the furniture industry has begun many years ago. With the last autumn exhibition of Guangzhou Furniture Fair being held in Guangzhou, it will be transferred to Shanghai in September next year. The exhibition pattern of the furniture industry will change first.

According to the Guangzhou Furniture Exhibition Organizing Committee, China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Exposition will be held in Guangzhou in March and China (Shanghai) International Furniture Exposition in Shanghai in September. Guangzhou exhibition will be in March Guangzhou Spring Furniture Show positioned as "Chunhua", will be relocated from September next year to Shanghai's autumn furniture exhibition positioned as "autumn fruit", hoping to form a north-south echo, Chunhua autumn Chinese furniture exhibition held pattern.

Most of the big companies said they would accept moving to Shanghai in September, while the small ones said they would not go because of the rising costs. Industry insiders believe that this adjustment not only has an impact on the pattern of Chinese furniture exhibition, forming a pattern of watching Guangdong furniture exhibition in March and Shanghai furniture exhibition in September. On the other hand, it also shows that the development of the furniture market has been further deepened, and the big brands have been highlighted, so as to step into a larger market.

Brand competitiveness enhances competitiveness and services

The furniture exhibition has changed, in fact, the furniture industry has changed. The root of the change is that the market becomes more difficult to manage. The overall downturn in the furniture market in the first half of the year is a pressure and a driving force for the market. For the future development, more enterprises are willing to integrate resources with an open mind, or the same industry alliance, or cooperation between different industries, to seek a broader space for development.

For St Roland, service is the core to create future competitiveness. In order to enhance competitiveness and service, Steroland this year with the European style, Shangpingzhai cooperation, hope to integrate customized enterprises and traditional furniture enterprises, their respective advantages, to achieve strong joint effect. Ye Liangzhou, General Manager and Chief Designer of Steroland, said in an interview that the future competition in the furniture industry is the competition for services, the advantage of traditional furniture companies is the production of software furniture, and customized furniture, which is now popular with consumers, just lacks this part of us. For furniture vendors who were more willing to fight alone in the past, starting to seek integration of various resources is a big step forward.

Developing diversified channels to enhance enterprises' ability to withstand risks

This year's furniture market is developing more diversified, trying to widen channels. Whether it is the traditional dealer market, or to explore the online market, or even the most popular online to offline business model, the vast majority of enterprises have shown greater enthusiasm. Last year, we were still watching, to this year are no exception to express that e-commerce is necessary to do, and have how much experience to try.

In addition, many furniture companies began to develop cooperation with design companies, decoration companies, real estate developers, Hotel engineering, such as joint development of fine decoration room market.  Engineering channels are also a trend for the future development of furniture and building materials.

Zhong Yiliang, general manager of Lecong Purple Peacock Furniture Company, expressed his support for walking on many legs. Export, domestic sales, e-commerce and other channels should be deeply cultivated and meticulous. Under the pressure of the rising rent of the stores and the decreasing flow of people, the cost of monopoly stores is getting higher and higher, business is becoming more difficult to do, and many enterprises can not bear it. "As the market opens up more and more, there are more and more open markets, and some people think that e-commerce is to seize the share of the offline market, but I think it is also open to another channel window. In the past, many enterprises only rely on one market, once there is a problem, it will not be able to sustain, diversified development can enhance the risk-bearing capacity of enterprises, but also the inevitable trend of future development.

Quality competition instead of quantity competition

Many people feel that September furniture exhibition has nothing to look at, in fact, otherwise, it is just September exhibition calm, the future development of the market can clearly emerge. Or on the surface, the exhibition is no longer so lively, vibrant, but emerged more attention to the original design of enterprises and design institutions, product quality continues to improve, environmental awareness continues to strengthen, brand more attention to service. This is the autumn exhibition presents a deeper level of change, with the intensification of market competition, consumer demand for products, social awareness of environmental protection and industrial transformation and upgrading of the inherent demand, the furniture industry is reshaping a more positive new image.

As the head of Lecong Furniture Association said, "the furniture industry is heading for quality competition instead of quantity competition. Less eye-catching surface prosperity, less impatience, and more rational calm, more lasting competitiveness, more long-term development of the power.

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